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How I Started My Blog As A Stay At Home Mom

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I started this blog when my daughter was about a year and a half old. Amidst all the chaos of raising a young toddler, I managed to keep everything going. It wasn’t always easy (and I certainly still struggle with time management some days) but starting a blog has been one of the best decisions I could have ever made as a new mom.

Blogging has allowed me to have a flexible schedule that works around raising my sweet girl. I’m not tied to the conventional 9-5 hours, I can take her to the playground mid-morning, make crafts with her in the afternoon and work in the evenings or when she’s napping. 

Blogging has also opened doors for me that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. I’m able to reach thousands of women every month and share my knowledge on healthy eating, gaining energy and feeling great. I connect with women all over the globe through my wellness blog and I truly feel like I’ve found my calling in life.  

None of this would have been possible without me making the commitment to start a blog. At the time it was a scary leap that felt like a big risk, but now looking back it was totally worth it.

The reason I wanted to start my blog was that I had a passion for health and wellness. It’s something I’ve always gravitated to learning about, but as soon as I got pregnant I realized that health wasn’t just about me anymore. I was about to raise another human and I wanted her to have the healthiest life I could possibly give her.

I ended up going back to school when my daughter was 6 months old and received my certification to become an integrative health coach from IIN (a school that is based in New York but offers a program online as well). The program was one year long and includes some of the world’s top wellness experts including Walter Willett, Andrew Weil, and Deepak Chopra. After a year of incredible knowledge, all while juggling mom-life and studying, I graduated as a health coach and was incredibly excited to share my experiences with as many people as I could.

And that’s how this blog was born! I had a passion for wellness, in particular helping moms learn about healthier eating so that they can help themselves and their families. I wanted to share it, so I learned how to set up a blog and start blogging. The process, in the beginning, was a little confusing and overwhelming… like anything that you’re starting brand new. There’s always a learning curve you need to go through along the way. But I’ve learned so much and I’m so proud of myself for pursuing my dream even though it wasn’t easy. 

With all that being said, I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this post, then you’re probably interested in starting your own blog. So I wanted to share with you the 7 things that have really helped me become successful, even as a stay at home mom who watches my daughter full time. So here we go!


01. I made the decision to go for it

This really is the first and most important step to take. For me, I had to talk to my husband about it and gain his support. I had to do some research online about blogging. I had to ask questions and I had to weigh the pros and cons. But most importantly, I had to listen to my gut. And my gut was telling me that I truly wanted this. 

Besides my husband, I didn’t need to talk to anyone else about my decision. But I did need to give myself permission to go for it and commit to it. Once I did this, it changed everything. Nothing could stop my determination to make this work.

02. I blogged about my passion

One of the most important things I’ve learned about blogging is that you have to pick a focus topic (also known as a niche). For example, if you love sewing then your blog would be all about sewing including patterns you like, sewing tutorials and favorite sewing products. If you love parenting then you could share tips and advice only about that. If you love to bake, then your blog could share delicious baking recipes you’ve created.

But I think the key is that you have to focus on something that comes really natural to you. Something you could talk about for hours, and it has to be something you’re passionate about. 

Before I started my wellness blog, and before I had my daughter, I started a different blog that shared business tips for handmade sellers. It was something I thought I had a lot to talk about (because in younger years I sold handbags on Etsy very successfully) and I knew that many people made awesome careers out of business blogs.

Well, it took some time to realize it, but I was lacking one key thing… passion! I had no passion for writing about business all day every day. In fact, I dreaded writing about it. I hated sharing stories and creating courses on the subject. And I gave it my all for about two years, but it never really went where I wanted it to go because I never truly enjoyed it. This was a BIG learning lesson for me. If you don’t have passion for the topic AND it doesn’t come naturally to you, then don’t create a blog about it.

03. I began to plan and schedule everything

I bought a paper planner, a few pens and started writing down everything with both my personal life and blogging tasks. This has been so crucial to staying on track with my goals. The truth is that I spend a lot of time planning. I’ll spend about 5 minutes daily reviewing my tasks, crossing off ones I’ve completed and added new ones for the week. 

On Saturday or Sunday, I spend about 15 minutes planning out all of my tasks for the following week and writing them down.

At the beginning of the month, I’ll write down the big-picture goals that I want to get done for the month. 

And I also spend 30-40 minutes planning the upcoming 6 months and my big-picture plans for blog posts, products and courses and any marketing that’s needed. 

Planning and organizing come naturally to me. I thrive on it. And if you’re not really a planner, I recommend you learn how to be. It will change everything for you and help you achieve your goals much faster than if you’re just winging it every day. 

For example, this blog post that I writing to you right now is happening because it’s written into my schedule on Monday morning while my daughter is in preschool for 3 hours. I knew the subject I was going to write about and a brief outline in advance. And this morning I started writing it. Mornings have always worked best for writing for me so I tend to do most of my writing first thing. 

I also know that once I pick my daughter up from preschool we’re going to go home and I’m going to do a 30-minute workout. After that, I plan on organizing our hallway closet and purging anything we no longer need. And while I’m doing that I’ll be starting a new batch of bone broth – which I’ll take photos of and write a blog post about the benefits of bone broth tomorrow. Those are the main tasks I want to accomplish today and if I get those done I’ll feel totally satisfied with my day.

If I didn’t have all of these tasks planned out for me before the day even started I would probably be making decisions on impulse instead. I might not workout because I feel tired at noon. Or I might not make that batch of bone broth because I forgot to while I was cleaning out the closet. 

Having a plan helps you to move the needle forward and achieve your big dreams by accomplishing smaller tasks every day. And as dorky as it sounds, it feels really good to cross off those tasks once you’ve completed them!

04. I started using the Time-blocking method

We are all overwhelmed with seemingly “urgent” tasks every single day. We are busy. We bounce from one task to the next, but never feel like we accomplished anything at the end of the day. 

Then it’s dinnertime and we’re tired. We don’t know how the day flew by. It was all a blur. 

But there is a solution. It’s called time-blocking. And as mothers, this can be an extremely effective method because our schedules are so all over the place. With time blocking you schedule your tasks in specific time blocks during the day.

With time blocking you’re forced to consider other commitments you have during the day. You’ll set aside time for things that can sometimes be forgotten: exercise, eating lunch, tidying, reading a book, relaxing with your husband.

Time blocking can help to relieve stress. Instead of wondering how you’re going to get everything done in the day, you’ll have a plan that you can feel confident in and the time to enjoy each task.

05. I started blogging consistently

All great habits require daily work. And even on the most hectic of days, I still find time to spend at least 15 minutes planning or working on my blog in some way. It’s no different than working out – if I miss a week or two it’s much harder to get back into it. The same goes for my blog!

As a blogger, you will quickly learn that showing up consistently is crucial to your success. That means that if you plan to write three blog posts per week, then you publish those three posts every week no matter what. 

Consistency has also allowed me to grow so much more confidence as a blogger. Remember when I talked about the decision to go for it and then committing to it in tip #1?

THIS is the driving force that will keep you going when you’re having hard days or feel like things just aren’t going right. Just keep showing up consistently, even on the hardest of days, do the work, and you will keep growing your blog.

06. I stopped comparing myself to others

You’ve probably heard this quote before “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle” It’s a popular one and for good reason. But I also think it’s easier said than done.

For me, I really struggle with staying on track with my own personal journey when I can see others on the same path as me that are way more successful. It doesn’t matter how much longer they’ve been doing it. I naturally will start to compare whether I realize it or not. 

So I’ve learned that I can’t follow any other wellness bloggers out there. I don’t follow anyone on social media, and I don’t subscribe to their newsletters. This has made a huge difference in allowing myself to stay focused and not get sidetracked by what I should or shouldn’t be doing.

It’s so easy to see others doing something and think “I should do that too!” Even though it might not be aligned with your overall vision for your business. So now I can listen to my own gut, and do the things I want to do without being distracted.  

In closing, I want to say that blogging requires work and consistency and showing up every day. It takes time to build a successful blog. It doesn’t happen overnight. 

BUT it’s also an incredible career that will pay off bigger than you ever thought it could if you’re willing to put in the work. I love blogging and I hope that you enjoyed reading how I was able to start my blog.

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