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My Recommendations

I created this page to easily share recommended products and companies that I use, or know are valuable to readers. That way you can find great products and services all in one place. You can save hundreds of dollars from just this recommendations list!

Disclosure: There are affiliate links that I’ve used below and I may receive a commission for purchases made through links in this post, but I’ve only put products here that I highly recommend! I would never put anything here that wouldn’t benefit the readers of my blog.


I don’t know how I’d get everything done without my favorite kitchen appliances. These are the workhorses in my kitchen, and I use each one almost every day! I’ve listed my favorites below that I can’t live without. If you’re serious about any of these: cooking at home, meal planning, freezer meals, eating healthier, and saving time in the kitchen, then I highly recommend investing in these tools!

Ninja Foodi: Ninja Foodi is a 3-in-1 tool that will pressure cook, bake, and air fry. It will even dehydrate and make yogurt! This is my favorite purchase I’ve made this year! We use it all the time to make crispy sweet potato fries, roasted chicken and instantpot recipes like soups and stews. You can even add frozen meat straight from the freezer to cook in the Ninja Foodi. It is seriously an amazing appliance that I think every mom should own. All the details about the Ninja Foodi can be found here.

Food Processor: A food processor will help you puree soups, make granola bars, hummus, nut butter, and even shred vegetables. I use my food processor in a variety of ways every week. Most food processors usually come with additional tools that will allow you to mix dough for bread and pastries. Some will allow you to shred your cheese, potatoes, and zucchini for recipes, and more! Once you start using a food processor, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. I recommend this Ninja Food Processor because it allows you to do a variety of functions including blending your dough.

Vitamix Blender: I can’t imagine life without my Vitamix blender. I use it every morning to make smoothies, and every afternoon to make a snack smoothie for my daughter. You can also use it to puree anything including soups, nut butter, hummus and more.

Slow Cooker: A slow cooker is the busy mom’s best friend. It’s the perfect tool for soups and stews. Basically, if you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one – especially with a programmable timer like this Cuisinart Slow Cooker. It’s on for a special price through HSN.


I always say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and having the right kitchen equipment can make cooking healthy so much easier! These are the tools that I use and love love love!

Good Quality Baking Sheets For Sheet Pan Meals: Investing in a good quality baking sheet will pay off! You want to purchase an aluminum, professional-grade baking sheet that has a 1-inch side. I recommend this one because it’s affordable. These baking sheets are perfect for creating sheet pan meals, batch prepping food, but can also be used for regular baking.

Freezer Bag Holders: These freezer bag holders are like little miracle workers when you’re putting together freezer meals. Basically, they’re the tool you’ll LOVE and wonder how you ever lived without. What do they do? They hold your bags upright and open while you’re adding ingredients to all your freezer bags. They’re a lifesaver for avoiding spillage and bags toppling over as you’re dumping in ingredients. Get yourself a set from here for less than $10 – you won’t be sorry.

Food Saver Vacuum Sealer: If you’re serious about freezer meals and meal planning, then a Food Saver Vacuum Sealer will help you protect your food and save it from spoiling and freezer burn. As a result, you’ll save money because you won’t be dumping out spoiled food nearly as often! Air is the number one cause of spoilage and this Food Saver Vacuum Sealer will help you avoid it.

Acrylic Fridge Bins: I am a big fan of an organized fridge. It is something I teach inside my Moms Who Meal Prep course. These acrylic bins will help you put things together so that you have less clutter. They’re also great for storing any food that’s thawing to prevent any spilling. I love them and definitely recommend them!


This program completely changed my life, and if you’re at all interested learning about health and wellness, then you’ll want to check this out!

The Institute For Integrative Nutrition (IIN) is the world’s largest nutrition school, whose mission is to play a crucial role in improving health and happiness in individuals, thus creating a ripple effect around the world. Get the curriculum outline so you know exactly what’s inside and Try out a free class.

After graduating from the program, I became a certified integrative nutrition health coach. I am now able to coach clients on their health and wellness. For me, I decided that I wanted to use my education and turn it into a blog. That’s when was born! I use my blog and create courses on nutrition and wellness. I focus on helping moms because that’s where my passion lies. Read my Institute of Integrative Nutrition review here.


Rakuten: Sign up for a website like Rakuten where you can earn cash back on purchases you were already going to make. All you do is click on a store you’re about to shop at, then shop the way you normally do. Rakuten makes a commission from the purchase you just made, and then gives you cash back for it! They have an app you can use on your phone. When you sign up through my link, you’ll receive $20 cash back in your new Rakuten account!

Rebaid is a popular cash back shopping platform that features hundreds of products, and other companies. You can get great deals up to 100% off. Sign up through my link and get up to 100% cash back with Rebaid.


Here is a list of the tools I use to run my online blog and business.

Dreamhost is the web hosting platform that you can purchase your website domain ( plus host your blog through. I have actually been a customer of theirs since 2006!! Many many moons ago (when I was fresh out of art school) I used to sell handmade handbags online. I did this for many years before having my daughter, which is when I transitioned to my food blog.

I purchased my domain, through Dreamhost and I also host my blog using their Dreampress service. I highly recommend you check out their Dreampress tool which lets you run your blog with more security and speed. It starts and just $12/month and is sooo worth it! They also have excellent customer service. If there’s a techy thing you need help with, they’re always happy to help or show you to a resource that will guide you. I’ve heard so many bad stories about other web hosting platforms out there and I honestly love and recommend Dreamhost! Learn more about Dreamhost and the Dreampress service here.

WordPress: This is the blog platform that you will use to write and publish all of your content. This is where you write all of your blog posts. You can sign up for WordPress directly inside the Dreamhost platform. They make it a relatively straightforward process to set up. Basically, step one is to purchase your domain name ( through Dreamhost, then install WordPress inside the Dreamhost platform.

Elementor: My blog is run using Elementor to create the design of it. What I love about Elementor is that you can use a drag and drop feature inside WordPress. I use this to design a lot of my pages. I have the paid version of Elementor which unlocks more tools and design options. Learn more about Elementor here.

Flodesk is the email service provider I use to send out my emails. The truth is that once you grow your email ist, which is an important step in a successful business, the cost of most email services can get really pricey! But flodesk keeps it at the same price no matter how big your list gets! Their templates are also really beautiful which makes it easy to send professional looking emails. Sign up through my link and get 50% off your Flodesk subscription for as long as you’re subscribed.

Tailwind is the platform I use to schedule all of my Pinterest pins. It makes the process so much easier than if you were going to manually pin to Pinterest. And my #1 traffic source is Pinterest, so it’s important to me that I’m utilizing it as much as possible. Sign up through my link to get a free trial of Tailwind.

Picmonkey will help you create beautifully designed images for your blog, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. You can edit photos, add graphics and even add text to your images. PicMonkey has really affordable pricing starting at less than $5/month. I highly recommend checking them out for designing your images.


Kiwi Co: These are the cutest art and science monthly kits that help kids learn creative problem solving skills. A new kit arrives each month that will keep your kids busy for hours. These kits are beautifully designed and you can cancel any time. They offer a variety of options for kids age 0-14 years. Learn more about Kiwi Co crates here.

Bogs Rubber Boots are THE BEST boots I have found for my daughter. They are super easy for her to pull on and off on her own (which is great at preschool), they’re totally waterproof, and they have amazing tread and grip for slippery surfaces. Whether you live in a snowy or rainy climate, these boots are a must-have in my opinion. Click here to learn more about Bogs boots.

LunchBots: For my daughter’s lunch, I love love love using the stainless steel lunch boxes from LunchBots. They’re a perfect size, easy to clean and they come in a variety of different compartment options. They’re an investment at first, but it’s worth it as they’ll last years and years, while the plastic ones barely last a season! Click here to learn more about Lunch Bots.

Nurture Life provides busy families with a creative variety of freshly made, nutritionally balanced, ready-to-enjoy meals that kids love and parents are proud to serve. Nurture Life offers an extensive range of meals from a 10-month-old’s first Finger Foods to shareable Family Meals, all thoughtfully developed to support children’s physical growth and brain development. Go here to shop meals starting at $6.89

Photo of easy healthy meals success kit products The EASY HEALTHY MEALS SUCCESS KIT is a toolbox of lessons and guides that will teach you how to succeed in making easy healthy meals throughout the week. You’ll learn how stock your kitchen with the right foods, how to create a healthy balanced meal, how to save time cooking with the batch prep technique, done-for-you meal plans, and so much more! Click here to see the details.