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6 Easy Halloween Drinks

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These six easy Halloween drinks are non-alcoholic and perfect for parties. They’re so easy to make and fun for kids and adults! Feel free to customize to your own tastes.

We’ve made six different Halloween themed drinks including a jack-o-lantern float, vampire blood drink, monster eyes drink, wiggly worms worms, skull potion and witches brew. Choose your favorite flavors to try out for your upcoming Halloween celebrations!

Four different halloween drinks in plastic cups in different colors with various toppings including sprinkles, whipped cream, plastic eyeballs and strawberry syrup.

Easy Halloween Drink Ideas

These easy Halloween drink ideas are all non-alcoholic and perfect for kids’ parties. Made with easy ingredients these recipes can be whipped up fast and will delight your guests!

  • All main ingredients are easy and purchased affordably from the grocery store. I bought all of my recipe ingredients from Walmart and props from the dollar store. If you have a local discount bulk food store, that’s a great place to shop for Halloween candies!
  • Various flavors of Gatorade make the perfect base for most of these recipes. They’re the best bright colors! You can also use cartons of grape juice, cherry juice etc. If you’re making a large batch of these drinks, try using Kool-aid powdered drink mix instead of Gatorade which will be the most affordable option.
  • Orange pop and Sprite (or 7-Up) will help to create delicious ice-cream floats! Other colored pop can also be used with vanilla ice cream to create the same effect (note: gatorade will not work for a float, it needs to be carbonated). For example, grape pop and vanilla ice cream could be used to make a “purple monster” float.
  • Canned whipped cream can be added on top of many drinks and will hold candies. This is great for adding gummy worms, candy spiders, candy eyeballs or vampire gummy teeth. You can also add sprinkles on top.
  • Feel free to customize these flavors any way you’d like. Let the kids make their own special potions for a fun Halloween activity. They’ll have a blast!
Various props including a plate with different halloween candies, a bag of paper straws, a bowl of toy eyeballs, a plastic skull cup, a bowl of green sprinkles, toy syringes and pumpkin face stickers.

Halloween Drink Props

All of my props were sourced from Dollarama and Walmart. Any dollar store will have something similar. Feel free to get creative and use other ideas!

Here’s an overview of what I used:

  • Halloween Candies: Vampire gummy teeth are used for the red vampire drink. Other candies like pumpkins, gummy spiders, candy eyeballs, and gummy worms can be added on top of whipped cream or ice cream floats. I found all of my candies at the dollar store. To save money, try buying candies in smaller quantities from a local bulk food store like Bulk Barn. Some grocery stores might even have a bulk food section with some of these candies.
  • Straws: The paper straws I used are from Walmart. You should be able to find something similar at the dollar store as well.
  • Eyeballs: I wasn’t able to find candy eyeballs so instead I used these ping pong balls that look like eyes. I got these from the dollar store and they float perfectly! There are also oozing candy eyeballs on the Walmart website.
  • Syringe: I found these Halloween syringes with “poison” labeled on the front at the dollar store. They work perfectly for the skull potion drink! You could also use jello shot syringes.
  • Jack-O-Lantern Stickers: I found jack-o-lantern face decals for cups at the dollar store. You can also save money and just draw them on using a sharpie marker. Or use these pre-made Halloween party cups in pumpkin, vampire and Frankenstein themes.
  • Skull Cup: I found the plastic skull cup at Walmart in the Halloween decoration section. You do not need to use a skull cup for this drink. A regular plastic cup with a skull and crossbones sticker would also work (or draw on the design with a sharpie).
Various ingredients to make halloween drinks including a litre of fanta pop, 7-Up pop, four different gatorade flavors, a carton of vanilla ice cream, canned whipped cream and jello.

Recipe Ingredients

Here’s an overview of the recipe ingredients I used. Feel free to substitute for something else that’s similar and affordable.

  • POP: Orange pop (I used Fanta) is used for the jack-o-lantern floats. Sprite or 7-Up is used in the skull potion floats, and the witches’ brew and blue monster drink.
  • GATORADE: Different Gatorade colors are perfect for these Halloween drinks. Blue Gatorade is used in the monster drink and wiggly worms. Green Gatorade is used in the skull potion and wiggly worms. Purple or red Gatorade is used in the vampire teeth and witches’ brew. Any juice or Kool-aid packets in these colors will also work. Or use grape juice, cherry juice, etc.
  • ICE CREAM: Vanilla ice cream is used to make the skull potion float and the jack-o-lantern float. When you mix ice cream with a carbonated soda, it starts to foam which creates the perfect look for a spooky Halloween theme!
  • WHIPPED CREAM: A can of whipped cream is so easy to add to the tops of the vampire teeth and witches brew drinks. It’s also thick enough to add toppings like strawberry syrup (to look like blood) and Halloween-themed candies.
  • STRAWBERRY SYRUP: Strawberry syrup that’s traditionally used for ice cream topping or to make strawberry-flavored milk is perfect for pretend vampire blood. It’s drizzled over whipped cream for a delicious topping.
  • SPRINKLES: I used green sprinkles on top of the jack-o-lantern and skull potion floats. Orange and black sprinkles would also be fun to add to any of these.
  • JELL-O POWDER: 1 tsp of jello powder adds fiz and foam to the witches brew drink.
A list of all the six easy and funn halloween drinks included in this blog post with written descriptions of the name and the ingredients included.

Halloween Drink Recipes

Here’s how to make each recipe with full instructions in the recipe card at the bottom of this post. You can print out that recipe card too for easy reference. Just scroll down to the bottom of this post to see it.

  • JACK-O-LANTERN FLOAT: Use pumpkin face stickers on the front of a 16 oz plastic cup or draw faces on with a sharpie marker. Fill half of the plastic cup with orange soda pop (I used Fanta). Add two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Pour in more orange pop until it reaches the top of the cup. Add green sprinkles and a green straw. (I got my pumpkin face stickers from the dollar store).
  • VAMPIRE DRINK: Fill a plastic cup with red Gatorade (or any red colored juice or Kool-aid). Pour canned whipped cream on top. Drizzle strawberry syrup on the whipped cream and add vampire teeth gummy candy.
  • BLUE MONSTER DRINK: Pour blue Gatorade (or blue Kool-aid) into a plastic cup half full. Pour in Sprite or 7-Up to fill up the cup. Top with plastic ping pong eye balls or and candy eyeballs (the candy will sink to the bottom).
  • WIGGLY WORMS DRINK: Pour blue Gatorade into a plastic cup half full. Add three ice cubes. Fill the rest of the cup with green Gatorade slowly, pouring over the ice cubes. Add whipped cream on top and stick in the gummy worms. Top with more whipped cream.
  • SKULL POTION DRINK: Fill a skull-shaped cup half full with green Gatorade (or other green colored juice). Add 2-3 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Add enough Sprite or 7-Up to fill up the rest of the cup. Top with green sprinkles and a toy Halloween-themed syringe (I got mine from the dollar store).
  • WITCHES BREW DRINK: Pour half the cup with purple Gatorade (or grape juice). Add 1 tsp of purple or red Jell-O powder and stir in. Fill the rest of the cup with Sprite or 7-Up. Top with whipped cream and small candy eyeballs.
Four jack-o-lantern drinks in plastic cup with black faces on the front and green paper straws.

More Halloween Recipes

6 Easy Halloween Drinks

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  • Jack-O-Lantern Floats: Add a pumpkin decal to the outside of a plastic cup. Or draw it on using a sharpie marker. Fill the cup half full with orange pop. Add 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Fill the cup with more orange pop until full. Add green sprinkles.
    Two images together. First is ingredients to make the drink. Second is two jack-o-lantern float drinks with green straws.
  • Vampire Blood Drink: Fill the cup with red gatorade. Add whipping cream on top. Drizzle strawberry syrup and top with candy gummy teeth.
    Two images together, first is ingredients to make the drink. Second is two vampire teeth drink recipes together.
  • Wiggly Worms Drink: Pour the cup half full with blue gatorade. Add 2-3 ice cubes. Slowly pour the green gatorade on top of the ice to create the ombre effect. Add whipping cream and top with wiggly worms. Add more whipping cream in the center.
    Two images together, first is ingredients to make the drink, second is two wiggly worms drinks with whipped cream topping and gummy worms.
  • Witches Brew Drink: Add purple gatorade (or grape juice) to a cup half full. Add in 1 tsp of jello powder and mix together. Pour sprite or 7-Up until the cup is full. Top with whipped cream and candy eyeballs.
    Two images together. First is ingredients to make the drink. Second is two witches brew drinks with candy eyeballs on top and black straws.
  • Green Skeleton Potion: Fill the glass half full with green gatorade. Add 2-3 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Fill the cup with more green gatorade until full. Top with green sprinkles (optional).
    Two images together, First is ingredients to make the drink. Second is a skull glass with green skull potion drink and a toy syringe that says poison.
  • Blue Monster Drink: Fill the cup half full with gatorad and half full with Sprite or 7-Up. Top with plastic eye balls or candy eyeballs.
    Two images together. First is ingredients to make the drink, Second is two cups of blue monster drink with ping pong eyeballs and black straws.

The nutritional information provided is an estimate and is per serving.

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