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Andi is a mom, food blogger, and integrative nutrition health coach, receiving her certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition based in New York. Andi teaches moms how to ditch the overwhelm and simplify their cooking routine at home - even when it seems impossible - by teaching the steps you need to create confidence in the kitchen. She's created two courses, Make Healthy Changes and Moms Who Meal Prep - where she teaches how to ditch the mom guilt and learn a simple system for how to eat healthy at home. With over 10 million views on Pinterest, 200k visits to her blog monthly, and 19,000 people on her mailing list, she mentors moms all around the world through her weekly newsletter, healthy recipes and popular courses.

Gelatin Gummies Made with Real Fruits and Vegetables

Okay, I have a real treat for your kiddos today. These homemade gummy candies are super fun to make and eat. Plus the process is so easy. What I love about this recipe is that you’re giving your kids nourishing ingredients that are actually good for their bodies versus the preservatives and empty calories that …

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Halloween Roasted Vegetables

Wanna add some fun to tonight’s dinner? Make these Halloween roasted veggies! Your kids will love eating their spooky potato ghosts, sweet potato pumpkins, and beet witch hats. Sure, it won’t replace the candy (can anything, really) but your kids will certainly appreciate the effort. Pair these halloween roasted veggies with a protein like roasted …

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Healthy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (4 Different Flavors)

One of my favorite things about Halloween and carving pumpkins is the leftover pumpkin seeds. Roasting them afterward is a tradition I love doing with my family. Pumpkin seeds are so good for you – they’re high in protein, copper, zinc, and iron. They’re also a good source of vitamin E and K. I like …

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Time-Saving Tips To Get Dinner On The Table Fast

It’s 5 o’clock again and you’re back in the least favourite part of the day. You’re tired, the day was long. The kids are (somehow) full of energy and running around the house. But they’re hungry. You’re hungry… actually, you haven’t eaten since lunch so you’re more “hangry” than anything (hungry+angry=hangry).  So what do you …

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